【 Vol 60 2017】

Boletim Tecnico da PETROBRAS
Vol.60, 2017
ISSN:0006-6117    ISBN:ISBN: 978-1-948012-04-1
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Table of Content
Guest Editors: Bing Xia; Chaoyang Zhang, Kuo-cheng Kuo

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1 Application of Anti-corrosion Technology in Reinforced Concrete 1-7 PDF
2 The quantitative identification of upper limb motion based on sEMG 9-16 PDF
3 The Insertion Position of Ion-selective Microelectrode determined by analyzing the micro-structure of plant leaves 17-25 PDF
4 Preparation and Performance of Al2 O3 -ZrO2 Ceramic Powders 27-33 PDF
5 Quantitative Analysis on the influence of Information loss rate on Internet Word-ofMouth communication 35-43 PDF
6 Facial expression recognition via kernel sparse representation 45-50 PDF
7 Integrated Application and Innovation of Quality Cost Management and QFD Tools 51-57 PDF
Modeling and Simulation of Machine Tool Structure Dynamics
59-70 PDF
Analysis of Capacity for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station Accessing to Power Distribution Network in Central Tibet
71-76 PDF
10 Factors of Potato Economic Growth in Heilongjiang Province from the Perspective of Low-Carbon Economy 77-86 PDF
11 Reference stress solutions for plates with embedded off-set elliptical cracks under combined biaxial forces and cross-thickness bending 87-102 PDF
12 Development of Low-carbon Agricultural Technology in China 103-109 PDF
Current Ecological Compensation Model in China
111-117 PDF
14 Construction of the Index System of Water Literacy and Application in a Case Study of Four Chinese Communities 119-130 PDF
15 Test method on water-tightness indexes of non-return tap in projects 131-139 PDF
Development Mechanism of Energy Industry Cluster in the New Normal Economy
141-147 PDF
Collecting Method of Slope Monitoring Data Based on the Centralized-distributed Mode of Measurement Control
149-161 PDF
Metabolic Steady State Model of Urban Complex Water Circulation System from the Perspective of Quantitative Coupling
163-170 PDF
Symbolic Value of Enterprise Information System: Perspectives on Critical Realism and Bourdieu’s practice theory
171-177 PDF
20 A Novel Regional Ecological Assessment Technology based on Improved ELECTRE Method 179-188 PDF
Statics analysis and experimental study on the bi-stable self-amplifying force clutch of hybrid electric vehicles
189-201 PDF
Two-sided matching model based on cumulative prospect theory for decision making of two-way referral system
203-211 PDF
23 Trend Extrapolation Prediction Methodbased Excellent Chinese Basketball Athletes 213-219 PDF
24 Characteristics of Sports Industry and the Mechanism of Development 221-228 PDF
25 Asian Women’s Volleyball Strength Analysis Based On Chinese Women’s Volleyball 229-234 PDF
26 A Nonlinear Programming Model of the Characteristics of a Swimmer’s Diet 235-240 PDF
27 The simulation of table tennis during the course of sports 241-247 PDF
28 The adsorption of heavy metals in the main afforestation tree species in Heilongjiang Province 249-255 PDF
29 Optimal Proportion Model of Recycled Concrete based on Compressive Restraint 257-265 PDF
30 Optimal Control of Sintering Energy of Metal Rubber 267-275 PDF
31 The Downside Risk Evaluation Model and Method for Big Data Hedge Funds 277-285 PDF
32 Influence Research on the Industrial Transformation and Upgrading based on Internet plus Strategy 287-295 PDF
33 Intelligent Parking Guidance Platform based on FRID and EPC Internet of Things 297-303 PDF
34 Investment Decision-making Scheme Evaluation Method based on Multiobjective Neural Network 305-311 PDF
35 Imports Affecting Factors and Prediction in China’s Soybean Trade 313-322 PDF
36 Restrictive Factors and Countermeasures of Farmland Financial Product Operation Performance Improvements in Jilin Province 323-329 PDF
37 The empirical analysis on influencing factors of the agglomeration of science and technology service in China 331-339 PDF
38 The Extracurricular Sports Lifestyle Evaluation to College Students based on Improved ELECTRE Method 341-350 PDF
39 The Support Environment Construction for Teaching and Research of Physical Education based on Emerging Information Technology 351-358 PDF
40 The College English Teaching Mode for Nutrition based on Flipped Classroom 359-366 PDF
41 An Autonomy Teaching Evaluation Technology based on Improved ELECTRE Method 367-375 PDF
42 The Analytical Method Based on Information Entropy for Urban Residents Salary Consumption Gap 377-382 PDF
43 Calculating Pollution Equivalent of Electric Heating with Heat Storage Technology Accommodating Wind Based on LCA 383-392 PDF
44 Influence of Regional Functional Characteristics to Parking Behavior 393-402 PDF

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