【 Vol 54 2011】

Boletim Tecnico da PETROBRAS (Bulletin of Technology)
Vol.54 No.1&2  2011
Table of Content
  1. Multiphase flow solution in horizontal wells using a drift-flux model P33-41
  2. CFD-DEM modeling of the gravel packing operation during horizontal well completions  P45-53
  3. Numerical simulation of a dummy well pumping module P55-68
  4. Numerical simulation of a cyclone used as an inlet device of a gravitational separator P69-76
  5. CFD analysis for offshore systems: Validation and applications P77-85
  6. 2D simulation of leakage and damaged stability of oil carrier by MPS method P87-97
  7. Numerical simulation of onshore separation processes - residence time optimization P99-106
  8. Applications of CFD in distillation, FCC and delayed coking technologies at Cenpes downstream basic engineering P107-116
  9. Simulation of a three-phase three-dimensional reacting flow in an FCC industrial riser P117-219
  10. Computational simulation of natural convection in a square cavity containing a fluid with internal heat generation P131-138
  11. Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis for a combustion chamber in an industrial gas turbine P139-147

Boletim Tecnico da PETROBRAS (Bulletin of Technology)
Vol.54 No.3  2011
Table of Content
  1. Use of enzymes in petroleum exploration and production activities  P9-28
  2. Utilization of saccharine, starchy and lignocellulosic fractions of sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] for bioethanol production P29-46
  3. Interaction of H, C, O, and S with nickel, iron, and zinc atom clusters P47-57
  4. Determination of flashpoints of naphthas and their mixtures  P59-72
  5. Rotodynamic eigenvalue problem: Undamped gyroscopic system P73-89
  6. Shared R&D Management: The Triple Helix in Rio Grande do Norte P91-112
  7. Forecast methodologies for the petrochemical market P113-122
  8. Case study: Admission medical examination field test P123-128
  9. Changes in the brazilian federal legislation concerning occupational exposure to chemical agents P129-151