Special Issue Proposals

Special Collections are a fundamental part of our publications, allowing a space to group together high-quality research on important developments in the field of energy research. We are pleased to offer authors a wide range of special collection topics in which to publish their research.

If you'd like to help us to expand our new special issues, you can write a propose for a special topic of your choosing and to become one of our Guest Editors.

If you are interesting in submit or organize a special issue, you can prepare following materials: special issue title, deadline for submission, how many papers expected to be published, how to perform the peer-reviewing, your contact information.

Usually, you can prepare following information: Special Issue Title, why publish this special issue, who will submit papers.

Please contact each journal's manager for discuss further information.

Send your proposal to our manager: email: admin@pbpublishing.com.br, if it is approved, we will discuss further questions about publishing time, fees, et al.

Special Issue Guidlines

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